How To Delete Your Computer, Phone Or Tablet Safely

“It doesn’t take long for our device’s internal storage space to become scarce. At best, this is annoying because we run out of space for photos and videos. In the worst case, it slows down your phone because applications and operating systems have no place to cache. The photos and videos we take are often the greatest criminals, ”says Moore-Crispin, who recommends solving this by backing up photos and videos in the cloud. Send your phone for repair or give it to a friend or family member??

If you’ve still signed up for Google Pay, Samsung Pay, your bank account, or other financial services applications, anyone who receives your phone can theoretically spend their money and pretend to be you. “The risk of identity theft is very real,” said Liam Shotwell, Android lead author at UpPhone. “If you don’t properly reset your Android phone in the factory before you give it to someone else, it’s very similar to giving someone all the important details of their lives. Many Android phones and tablets, especially older devices, do not support hardware-based encryption.

Like laptops, smartphones use a solid-state drive to store, and maximizing this drive can slow down performance (here’s a technical explanation of why). Tests have shown that using no more than 75% of the total solid-state drive memory on what is meid the computer improves performance. If slowness was a problem, try deleting enough files to put them under this cue point. By restoring your iPhone, your settings and personal information such as contacts, photos, etc. completely removed.

For most of us, the first thing we think of when someone asks, “Have you ever cleaned up your cell phone??”How to delete junk files and hundreds of bad photos to get space. It only takes a few minutes a day to keep your cell phone as germ-free as possible. However, you can take another step to protect your technology. Keep your phone, tablet, headphones and other accessories with you. Do not allow others to pick them up or use them for you.

So before restarting the factory, try restarting your iPhone. But as Shotwell emphasizes, a restart of the plant does not necessarily eliminate everything. “Save the Google Account credentials that were registered on the phone before you reset it,” he explains. Concerned about the payment methods that you have saved on your phone?

This also gives you the ability to recover deleted data. Android Factory Reestablishment is perfect if you have problems with your phone or just want a completely clean phone to start again. However, one of the main applications is to delete all data before you get rid of your phone, either to sell it, pass it on to someone, or just throw it away.

“Protecting the resetting of materials is a function that prevents people other than the device owner from restarting the phone,” says Shotwell. Once encryption is enabled, return to Settings, then to General and restore them. You will see a warning that the next step will delete all your media and data, followed by a button Delete red. Press this button and after a few minutes your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is ready for sale or use. Deleting a standard hard drive safely can take several hours or even days depending on the size of your drives. So don’t do this the night before donating or selling your device.

Go to Settings again, then to Security and activate the phone . A warning screen indicates that the process takes some time and cannot be undone without resetting your phone or tablet. You must also enter your PIN or password before you can continue. It is therefore important to clean your phone and give space.