What Are The Most Common Cleaning Complaints??

While hotel cleaning services face a wide range of challenges every day, there are solutions. At Hotelogix, our cleaning module offers essential functionality, all in one user-friendly interface. Privat rengøring Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Hotelogix both easy to use and incredibly powerful. And by training your cleaning staff to have confidence and knowledge of what they do.

In addition, it manages the laundry, which in some places is often regarded as a cleaning department. Cleaning controller: it is accessible and operational 24 hours a day. Cleaning up staff reports at the beginning and end of the service here. There are bulletin boards, storage shelves, records, lost and found cabinet and key ring matrix.

Improved communication saves time and increases productivity. Where technology can also update your apartment, mapping routes to speed up the time it takes to go to the rooms for cleaning, and to find out when the rooms are occupied so that guests are never disturbed . For this, new technologies can be used to increase the condition of the team in all new toys, so that no one feels overwhelmed. The high turnover rate is also a problem for hotels, leading to higher recruitment and training costs. In non-managerial positions, the orbital speeds can even reach 50%. Working with a hospitality staff office is a good way to control costs and reduce staff turnover.

Housewives often first notice when guests have left items or when something needs to be repaired in a room. Reporting a repair problem can take a long time as most reports are done on paper. In general, the process involves the housekeeper noticing a problem and informing his manager. The manager then demands that the housekeeper fill out a form describing the problem to be addressed. The form is sent to the maintenance team where they submit it and solve the problem. The process is long and repair problems are not addressed quickly.

Your staff can update the state of the room in real time and those who are not (and will not be) ready can be marked as Non-Release. This allows you to virtually eliminate the possibility of your team releasing a room to an unskilled guest and avoid such negative reviews. Our system also helps you automate changes in the condition of the room, automatically turning the state of a room into “dirty” or “not free” and other useful features.

Vacation rooms should be visited before inhabited rooms, but without their knowledge, housewives should knock on every door until they reach an empty room. This paper method is difficult for housewives and inefficient for the hotel. Cleanliness problems at the hotel range from guest discontent to accidents at work. A guest can complain about housewives about a messy room and a broken or missing personal property.