101 Amazing Cat Facts

Many cat owners prefer this simpler option, but it requires a little maintenance. The right litter can go a long way in introducing a new cat into your home. We love natural cat litter finest; is a natural, ultra-light and sleek litter that uses renewable ingredients grown on farms to attract cats to the litter box.

If you have an outdoor cat, make sure your yard has shady spots or a hatch for your cat to escape the heat. If it is very hot, a washcloth moistened with cold water can be refreshing. You need to prepare your home with the right toys, treats, and other necessities to ensure your new feline relative is comfortable and happy. Even cats that seem to drink a lot of water don’t drink enough.

Instead, ignore her when she misbehaves and give her affection, treats, and praise to reward her good behavior. If ignoring is not an option, focus your attention on something else. For example, if your kitten bites or scratches their hand, give them a toy to play with.

Moving into a new home with a new family is a very stressful event for most cats. The soothing comfort zone diffuser for cats and kittens provides a sense of calm for the cat by releasing an odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s calming pheromones. These pheromones Enclosed litter box help your cat communicate that the area is safe. By giving your cat this sense of calm, you can help prevent stress-related problems, such as marking urine on the walls or even destructive scratching, which can be signs that your cat is stressed.

Many cats love catnip, which can be found in most pet stores and gardens. If cats are sensitive to eating vegetables, this is great for keeping them close so they can enjoy them instead of eating houseplants. All cats love a nap, and kittens and seniors spend most of their time sleeping. But if it looks like they’re sleeping too much, contact your vet.

“Cats scratch like a scent marker, to help with their nails and to relieve stress,” Moore said. Also, your cat is less likely to scratch your furniture if he has other options. This max & marlow cat scraper includes a 26-inch scratching post plus two attached toys. For more ideas, check out our guide to the best scratching posts. Another selection of Tuft + Paw’s high-end selection, this is probably the only scratching post that has been seen on Dezeen. Some cats like to take leashed walks outside, but a harness and leash can be a risky gift if you don’t know the temperament of your friend’s cat.