25 Great Things To Do In Egypt

The story behind Abu Simbel becomes even more fascinating when he discovers that the entire complex has been dismantled and moved to higher elevations after the construction of the Aswan Dam. It’s a long day, arriving around 10am, and much of this time spent in a car. But if you want to see two spectacular temples, it’s worth your time.

The main highlights here are the Tutankhamun Gold Mask, which is 11 kilograms of solid gold and the Royal Mummies Hall, which requires an extra ticket, but is worth the extra cost. When you think of Egypt, most people automatically imagine pyramids, temples and graves. However, you will be surprised to learn that Egypt is also a great beach destination with many water activities and sports. Travelers should be aware that tap water in Egypt is not drinkable, so they should buy bottled water as it progresses. This is clearly cheaper in stores than in suppliers on tourist sites, but it is not too expensive. Ask your guides what to pay for a bottle to make sure it isn’t charged too much.

This is the largest religious building in the world, built more than 2,000 years ago. It is so large that it has about 10 cathedrals and is also known as the city of the temples. It contains the great temples of Amon, Khons and Tutmosis III. Other attractions include Avenida de las Esfinges, Lago Sagrado and Salón Hipóstilo. The complex is so impressive that you have to stay about three hours to appreciate the large size.

The Nile River offers a green and green background to the archaeological sites of Luxor. While you can find great hotels, you can take to the air in hot air balloons or sail south to Aswan and the Sudanese border. Our team of tour operators and expert guides ready to make your trip a unique experience you will not forget. Where the ancient Egyptians buried their queens with their children, visit three graves where you will see well-preserved colorful paintings and hieroglyphic stories on the walls.

If you spend another day in Luxor, I recommend that you register with Hot Air Balloon Ride over Luxor to see Luxor and all its impressive tourist attractions from a perspective you haven’t seen, from the air. The city is divided into 2 sections, west and east of the coast, with incredible Orange Bay in Hurghada tourist attractions such as the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor and the temple of Karnak scattered across the desert. In ancient times, two huge obelisks welcomed those who entered the temple. The real modern feature of the Temple of Luxor is how elegant it lights up at night.

You will be guided by a recognized Egyptologist guide and transported everywhere by an air-conditioned private vehicle. Choose one of our Luxor day trips and start your reservations with “Trips in Egypt”, your time machine for ancient times. We are currently in Luxor and this information was very helpful. But instead of rushing everything in two days, we break everything in a few days (many people don’t have that time). It was easy enough to use public trucks to bypass most places. Some have forced us to take a taxi in one way, but if you have experience negotiating it will be quite cheap.