62 Easy Summer Cocktails

When you’re done mixing, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your adult iced tea that fills the sun. This drink is largely a mix of peach, orange and lemon lemon flavors. It is definitely a bit sweeter, with the fruity orange flavor of blue curaçao. I think you really like fruity cocktails so let’s push something else with papaya and orange juice.

Double tension in a cold glass and serving. Create a refreshing fruit cocktail with rum, vodka and gin, plus juice, spirits or fresh fruit such as watermelon, citrus, apple or berries. These sweet and drunk drinks are guaranteed to be the feast of the vodka christmas gifts complacent. Clean your taste buds and refresh your taste buds with our French cocktail 75. If you’re a fan of gin and champagne, this light drink is down your street. Combine them with lemon juice, sugar and ice for a perfect sharp and sweet balance.

Strain in rock glass, add fresh ice and finish with pink champagne. If you’re craving a sweet fall gift, look no further than these apple crumble recipes. You can use your fall-freedom of fresh apples in these 11 apple crumble recipes, which are served delicious as they are or with a vanilla ice ball. This light and refreshing cocktail based on white wine gets a subtle sweetness from elderflower liqueur. It is easy to mix the base in advance and serve quickly when guests arrive. We mean you will never be wrong with a cocktail as classic as this.

Try our favorite drinks for non-alcoholic summer parties. This refreshing summer drink takes grenadine and DO from a tequila sunrise and adds the Cointreau and lime juice to a daisy. Throw everything in a blender to get the best of both drinks. The melon season is the best season and this drink is a test. This tequila cocktail contains refreshing watermelon, jalapeño bites and plenty of fresh lime juice. Serve in a high glass at your next taco party.

It is easy to do and can serve a crowd, which means it is ideal for summer gatherings. Pineapple juice gives a refreshing fruity touch to classic whiskey acid and gives it a lighter edge. A refined version of a classic cocktail, this recipe uses dry white wine instead of the usual prosecco. Ideal for lazy summer afternoons, you imagine you’re on the mainland.

Do it with freshly squeezed orange juice if you have the fruit, or bottle-bottle juice, it’s great anyway. Perfect for a boat trip or picnic with friends, strawberry lemonade punch is a great sunny cocktail. It is super refreshing and the lemonade masks the taste of vodka, making it the ideal cocktail for anyone who is not a fan of liquor. Combine the vodka and elderflower liqueur in an ice cocktail shaker, smoothie and pour into a glass of martini. Cover with champagne and garnish with a piece of pear.

However, the freshest cocktails come from real fruit and summer is the perfect time to take advantage of them. This can be one of the easiest and most refreshing fruity drinks. With only watermelon, lemon juice, ice cream and your alcohol choice, you can drink this pool in no time. Add some tangled mint or try jalapeño there if you want to brighten it up. Then you should definitely try a pain reliever!

Pour into ice-filled glasses and garnish with an orange slice and cherry. The mix is perfect for any basic spirit, so if you have gin, rum, tequila or whiskey at the bar it works. You can also complete it with any flavored soft drink, switch to a different juice or confuse almost any fruit in the mix. Let the recipe serve as a basis and use what you have to make a balanced drink.

Also called the new old fashioned, this recipe starts with a mess of fresh peach, bitter and simple syrup. That mix is covered with a fine bourbon, another peach paste and some blackberries. Add sparkling water and a clear cocktail will arrive. During this time, the markets are filled with a wide variety of these fuzzy fruits, and it is a perfect excuse to mix a few rose drinks. A great recipe to start with is a simple white peach julepe. Coconut cream is a special coconut product made for sweetening drinks.

The watermelon cucumber cooler is the epitome of fresh fruit cocktails. Start with freshly squeezed watermelon juice and a puddle of cucumber. To this are added the charming aromas of Aviation Gin, along with soft drinks to make it pleasant and refreshing. If your idea of a fruity cocktail is a bunch of whiskey with a light addition of some citrus, this is the cocktail for you. Mai Tai may sound like a fruity 1990s resort drink, but it’s the exact opposite! No, this drink is a classic 1940s cocktail ruined by sweet versions of saccharin intended for tourists.