They can also prevent students from resorting to other cost-effective measures, such as sharing a book with a classmate. You can also follow the instructions in Student_Quick_Start_Guide_SE.pdfto to create a webassign account and sign in with a class key. Goegan posted a new answer this week on his website and said his main argument is that students should not be forced to pay for these tools. He acknowledged that MindTap has resources that some students can take advantage of, but did not believe they should be required to access the course.

It is important to note that Sam Cengage has several tasks, the nature of which depends on the subject he is currently dealing with or the preference of his instructor. Most tasks are multiple choice questions, questionnaires and free answer questions. If you have handled the course work adequately, you must be able to perform Cengage’s accounting task.

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At the beginning of the semester there is a two-week trial period in which all enrolled students can use WebAssign without an access code. “The days of the $ 300 textbook are over,” said Nikk Osborne, Pearson’s senior vice president of strategy and business, saying the future is cheaper digital tools that contain content. “The good story about this is that prices on our learning materials are falling,” he says. And from this I can deduce that 90% of all my teachers I’ve had have definitely done shit in my life. So my teachers were at my undergraduate university with a power of 40 in one class.

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