Common Diseases Of The Goldfish

Watch your fish carefully in the coming days to make sure they don’t fall back. If white spots persist after 5 days of treatment, a secondary bacterial infection may have invaded the lesions of the parasite and an antibiotic is required. Pop eye usually occurs when your fish has an internal bacterial infection. Finally, this can cause an accumulation of fluid in the back of the fish’s eyeballs. However, if you see that only one eye of the fish is affected; It is probably not due to poor water quality.

It will also protect itself against other common diseases of goldfish. Then treat the aquarium with a commercial medicine thức ăn cho cá cảnh to kill parasites and prevent eggs from hatching. It can also show some physical symptoms in your body parts.

Your goldfish can develop fungal infections if the water quality is poor. Fungal diseases can also affect goldfish that are already ill with other common diseases of goldfish. It seems difficult to balance your golden fish in the water??

Constant temperature and good water quality help prevent infections, in addition to using aquarium salt. Real fungal infections in fish are less common than parasites or bacteria. They usually appear as white cotton or “gray” growths in fish, but can also be internal. They can be caused by poor water quality, infected food or open wounds, but there are many more causes. Although fungal infections are generally not contagious, infected fish should be treated immediately with an antifungal drug, preferably in a quarantine aquarium.

To recognize the problems that may arise, it is useful to understand what “normal” appearance and behavior are for your fish. Watch your fish regularly: feeding time is a good opportunity to do so. Look for white spots, cloudy eyes, bloody spots, a white body film or torn, irregular fins.