How To Be A Cat Sitter

We also finished the boxes about the middle of the month. Here at Pet Angel, we feed all of our cats adult food or kittens unless they need a special diet. At the time of adoption, we will give you a small bag of the Science Diet foods they use so you can switch them to any food you want, if you have a preferred brand in mind. Keep in mind that you want to try to keep your cat on the same type of food all the time. Changing cat food can often cause stomach upset, and when they use a good nutritional formula for a long time, their coat will really reflect a good diet!

They can also be quite productive hunters of rodents and birds. Fetch by WebMD and American Humane have great blogs that will help you make your decision-making process. Do not postpone Hooded litter box your first visit to the veterinarian; try to get in within a few days of bringing your new cat home. In fact, find a veterinarian early and make the appointment before taking them home.

Some cats prefer a softer litter, while long-haired cats may prefer glass litter that does not adhere to their fur. Cats may love covered boxes, uncovered boxes, boxes with low edges, or other varieties. Keep litter boxes away from heavy foot traffic or loud noises. Remember to clean your cat’s nest every day and perform a deeper cleaning once a week.

You need to make sure that you can place 2 fingers between your pet’s neck and collar. Do not lose that they can take it off or put their mouths, but not too tight that hurts. If you have a kitten, be sure to check this frequently and make the collar bigger for them as they grow. While your cat’s litter box may look clean, it can be packed with bacteria that cause disease and odors without constant maintenance.

Although cats enjoy human attention, they like it in smaller doses than dogs, and on their own terms. You should respect this basic need of your feline friends and never draw attention to them as they cling to their will. While most people advocate an indoor life for cats, it’s best to let your feline friend make the decision.

If you give your cats dry food freely, you should clean the food bowls every three days. Fat in food can be a breeding ground for bacteria and no one wants to eat from it. If you give your cats wet food or dry food in portions throughout the day, you should clean them with hot water and a small amount of soap each time you use them.