Makeup Tips For Beginners For African American Women

Apply a thin layer to the top tab and a thick layer to the bottom. Color in dispersed areas with an eyebrow pencil, although the eyeliner will also work. Forge the upper eyelids with eyeliner on a thin line, starting at the inner corner and stopping at the outer corner. Apply one or two layers of mascara; You can use a tab curling iron before applying mascara to curl further as this helps open the eye area.

This makes the eyes bigger and wider with a dramatic look. This is the best eyebrow kit that doesn’t break the bank. As an additional advantage, the lighter shade is also ideal as a powder to contour the nose. “My advice to beginners who try to create a professional red lip make-up is to first choose the red lip they feel comfortable wearing,” Billy continued. Use a small, pointed brush to tap a little where the circles under the eyes are darker, usually in the inner and outer corners of the eye. Add a dot to other imperfections not covered by the base and mix with the skin.

They work to add color and dimension to your face, although not as dramatic as the basic outline. To apply, tannic powder permanent eyebrow makeup on the sides of the face, cheek holes and along the nose. After it matches the color, it is time to apply the base.

I like to use rust colors to accentuate the color of my eyes, so I chose to mix that color from the same palette in my fold to accentuate the shape of my eyes. I chose a light base ideal for daytime use and applied it to parts of my face at small points where I want to mix it. Using a base brush, the product is spread evenly over the skin to ensure that everything is covered. By moving your brush in a circular motion, you can mix the product quickly and you can make an airbrush as a finish. Eyeshadow is a great way to improve your eyes and draw attention to it.

For beginners I propose a neutral eyeshadow palette to first master a natural look. By applying the eyeshadow with its basic brush for the eyeshadow, it helps to take advantage of the color for greater intensity. When further washing the color, help slide the brush from left to right over the lid.