Mobile Force Software Enables Businesses to Take Sales and Service Ops to the Next Level

Businesses are looking for ways to accelerate revenue and optimize field services. Mobile force software provides intelligent quoting, optimized field services, and the ability to enable customer and partner self-service. 

This allows businesses to take their sales and service operations to the next level. With mobile force software, businesses can focus on what’s important – growing their business. 

Mobile force offers these CPQs

Mobile force software enables businesses to take sales and service ops to the next level with its suite of products that provide intelligent quoting, optimized field services, customer & partner self-service, and more.

SAP Configure, Price, Quote and Callidus Cloud CPQ are two of the most popular CPQ software on the market. 

SAP CPQ has been around for longer and is a trusted name in enterprise software, while Callidus Cloud CPQ is a newer entrant that offers many of the same features and benefits. 

Both SAP CPQ and Callidus Cloud CPQ offer intelligent quoting and proposal engines that let sales and revenue teams create customized, full-proof quotes in seconds. They both offer data-driven, intelligent quotes with real-time validation and full integration with CRM and other back-office tech. 

However, where SAP CPQ shines is in its flexibility to customize data, dashboard, and views to meet the specific needs of an organization. Callidus Cloud CPQ, on the other hand, offers a more rapid extension of data connection for a CPQ and FSM applications. 

Ultimately, both SAP CPQ and Callidus Cloud CPQ are excellent options for any organization looking for a comprehensive solution for their quoting needs.

Mobileforce Platform enables their clients to rapidly and securely extend data connections to a CPQ and FSM applications with zero coding. With built-in integration connectors, people can easily connect popular business applications without any coding. 

The platform is simple to customize, update, manage, and scale. Clients also have the freedom to deploy it on any public or private cloud of their choice. 

Mobileforce Platform comes with digital and mobile form templates that include a variety of input fields, such as barcode scanners, GPS locations, files, and pictures. Lastly, the software has enterprise-grade security features, such as single sign-on (SSO) and role-based access control (RBAC).

Final Thought

Mobile  Force has been designed for seamless integration with CRM and back-office systems. 

This means that people can keep your sales quoting and field service processes running smoothly, without any interruption or data loss. And if they need to make any changes to the way Mobileforce works, their 100% extensible and customizable platform makes it easy to do so. 

Mobile Force will give clients access to all of the tools they need to supercharge sales quoting and field services. For more information visit

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