Outdoor LED Signs And Advertising Messages, A Short Guide

Your design teams may not guarantee the safety and longevity of your signage. And they may not provide display performance to reduce costs. Companies use multiple marketing strategies to advertise their brands, from social media to traditional marketing.

Following are the main types of LED displays that are commonly used in the advertising world. These are some of the best tips for buying an outdoor LED screen. Please feel free to contact Visual Led, by phone, e-mail or via our form. Our team, led screens present in the market since 2003 and present in more than thirty countries, will remove all your doubts. And if you want, you can use our LED display pricing calculator to get an estimated quote for the ideal LED display for your business.

Once your business has gained global recognition, you now have the freedom to update your marketing strategy at any time. Our outdoor LED display has a much higher brightness than its indoor counterpart, delivering bright and vivid images even in direct sunlight, ideal for stadiums and outdoor events. Each of our outdoor LED displays comes in module size, giving you the flexibility to create displays of any size.

Punctuality – If your restaurant only serves breakfast until 11am, why advertise it all afternoon? Take advantage of real-time updates and multiple advertising capabilities from digital billboards by displaying multiple ads relevant to the time they appear. White fades: LED lights use the primary colors of red, green, and blue to create any other colors you use in your ad. If you think about your second-grade art class, you’ll remember that all three colors are needed to make white. Digital billboards are no different, as they require each primary color to be displayed as brightly as possible. As a result, white backgrounds tend to blur, dampening the entire design.

A successful marketing plan largely depends on the appeal of advertising texts. Therefore, your sign company should have a professional on your team to help you figure this out. So it can be fantastic to compromise using a smaller message center with a larger printed character.

Companies have experimented with many advertising techniques over the years and one of the most effective and proven methods is the use of an outdoor LED billboard. This article serves as the ultimate guide to the knowledge of outdoor LED display panel. Use appropriate color files: Digital design requires specific technologies so that colorful features appear and become saturated as in the real world. For digital billboards, that technology comes in the form of RGB color files, the only way to get truly vibrant colors into your digital space. Digital billboards use beautiful LED lights to display digital ads.1 Imagine one of the old-fashioned billboards you’ve seen thousands of times on roads near and far. Now imagine it pulsating with light, projecting an advertisement of such a technicolor glare that you can’t help but stop and look.