Teaching Strategies That Can Help Motivate Students and Improve Learning

One of the teacher’s tasks is to help the student improve their learning skills and prepare for lifelong learning. Online tutoring services should help develop the following productive learning skills: concentration, reading and listening, time management, memories, creative thinking, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, so that students can acquire the skills they need to be productive.

To promote the development of students in a way that covers and shapes what the student already knows, the teacher or tutor must provide mentoring on online learning websites.


Modern learning theories emphasize the need to think during learning, because learning and thinking are interdependent. As an educational goal, online math education for children to help a child learn to think more productively through the ability to generate ideas and evaluate these ideas, leading to the best possible solutions to solve problems.

Critical thinkers also need to think creatively to find better solutions.

When the problem persists, it’s usually not because we can’t tell if the solution we’ve found is the best, but simply shows a gap in our inability to find the best solution available, because no one has thought about it yet.

Developing a problem-solving process and combining creative and critical thinking skills can help students improve their learning skills on the online learning platform. This combination process leads to productive thinking.


People learn because it is interesting or useful in our current situation or both. When students like to learn, they want to participate more often and more skillfully, in different ways.

Students can think productively in different ways. According to Howard Gardner, “intelligence is the ability to solve problems or create valuable products in one or more cultural environments.” Teachers and teachers should develop learning strategies that benefit students using different learning styles.


In trying to convince the student, the teacher/rehearser must take into account the general motivation, as the achievements of many students largely reflect their state of mind.

Students’ self-perception always influences how they learn and behave.

One of the determining factors of learning is motivation. When students get their place, they are motivated to learn and succeed in school.

One of the strategies to help students learn well in school and use online tutoring is to ensure that the teacher/tutor takes care of their social and academic needs.

Social factors in the form of interpersonal relationships with peers, parents and teachers are directly related to the emotions of students. Emotions seem to play an important role in motivation and learning.

Another learning strategy that promotes motivation is to retain students or make each learning session fun. A task-oriented and exciting view of learning is associated with deeper learning.

To facilitate a focused and exciting visualization strategy, the teacher should evaluate each student on a personal level, rather than comparing their achievements.

In particular, this strategy, in order to make the student session exciting, is to use what students know from real-world examples, and to use this concept in classroom learning. Students are motivated by knowing that what they learn in the classroom and during online classes is relevant to their daily activities.

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