Descale An Espresso Machine

You should keep the espresso machine clean daily and first clean the outside with a clean, damp cloth to remove stains and dirt that can clog the machine. You can also use an espresso machine cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer for this process. Dose a teaspoon of cleaning powder from the espresso machine in the blind baskets. While the steam wand is purified and cleaned after each use, it does not mean that it is completely clean. We even have to be very careful when cleaning the steam wand, as this will always be the part of your espresso machine that is most exposed to foreign substances .

Here are some general procedures for machines with removable preparation units. They are safe food degreasers specially made to clean components of espresso coffee machines that come into contact with milk. Use a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 vinegar to clean the inside of the Moka pot.

Turn on the espresso machine and push half a cup of fabric softener solution Caterling Line through the filter holder and a quarter cup through the steam wand.

For this interval, remove the scatter screen and soak both the screen and the filter holder basket in a Cafiza or Biocaf Cleaner solution. Rub your group with a brush and do a full detergent kickback. See the manufacturer’s recommendations for your espresso coffee maker for product cleaning. Using the wrong product for your machine can cause damage or accumulation. Also keep in mind that you need all the products you offer. For example, if you don’t have hard water, you may not need descaling products.

If you use a steam wand brush, you can scrub the inside of the wand, but if you clean your wand well after each use, this is not necessary. After cleaning, make sure to clean the steam magic by opening the steam valve and ventilating it in a container for about 30 seconds. Over time, coffee bean essential oils leave debris on the water screen, filter basket and machine filter holder. These remains will eventually create a film that will close the holes in the filter basket and leave dirt in the filter holder nozzle. If these oil residues remain on your computer, it will not be long before they become rancid and start to affect the taste of your espresso.